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Baguettes… et fromage!!!

Today we made our very own French baguettes, and garnished them with three kinds of French cheese.  We learned which animals produced French cheese, and in what parts of France the cheese originates.  Be sure to see the links below to see pictures of many different kinds of French cheese – there are more than 365 of them!!  The cheeses we tasted today were: orange – Port-Salut; white – Brie (Président); blue – Roquefort.

Today’s vocabulary:

Onze – eleven                                                             le pain – bread

Douze – twelve                                                           la baguette – long, French bread

Treize – thirteen                                                          le fromage – cheese

Quatorze – fourteen                                                    la carte – map

Quinze – fifteen                                                          âge – age

Seize – sixteen                                                            an(s) – year(s)

Dix-sept – seventeen                                                   couper (le pain) – to cut (bread)

Dix-huit – eighteen

Dix-neuf – nineteen

Vingt – twenty

Baguette recipe links:

French cheeses link:


Kinds by animal:








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